Amber Davis

Amber Davis


A little about me

and why I love real estate

In the summer of 2010, Amber rolled in from El Paso to the great town of Fort Worth, and she knew she had found her new home. After earning her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas Christian University, Amber set off to find out how she could best serve the city that had stolen her heart. She found that real estate was the way to do it. For years, Amber has had the privilege of serving those wishing to make their home in Fort Worth, just like she did those years ago. 

Amber’s approach to real estate is much like her approach to life: she is a student first in all things; constantly learning from her experiences and keeping up with the latest updates to Real estate practice. With an upbeat and down to earth personality, Amber works well with others, and loves to foster an environment where all clients can express their wants and concerns freely. Her goal in every transaction is to give each client the best and smoothest home buying/selling experience. With patience, honest communication, and a willingness to take on whatever lies ahead, Amber is the perfect agent for any type of buyer or seller. 

Because no client or home is the same, every transaction presents its own unique challenges. Taking on those challenges is what Amber loves the most about real estate. She considers it one of the highest honors to be entrusted with guiding buyers and sellers through their unique process, and therefore, strives to be the most genuine and detail oriented agent she can be. 

In addition to being a real estate agent, Amber is also a professional actress in the DFW area. She owns a home in the Meadowbrook area of Fort Worth with her Husband, two dogs and one cat. 

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“Amber Davis was an incredible help to me when I was deciding which home to buy. She was patient and understanding and continued to find good properties for me all the through the process. She gave good advice but was also allowing of me to form my own opinions of the homes we viewed. I very highly recommend her!”

Fort Worth